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OMG he is the most awesome piglet ever. Yesterday at work we played with his bricks together and he chased them and jump in the air and had so much fun. Last night he crawled all over me, sat in my lap and kissed me all over my face.  This morning he let me hold him.  He is just a loving sweetheart pig.  I could not be happier with him.  He does not squeal and always seems happy.  I just LOVE him.  He was definitely worth the wait and just a big hit at work. 



Gilbert, AZ

It just breaks my heart to know that people are greedy and selfish and they will do it all at the risk of an animals health and life. I feel SO lucky that we bought Yankee from you. Yankee is snuggling behind me on the couch right now. He's so clingy lol Cuddly, loving etc. I just don't get much done when I'm with him. But I live spending time with him so... I take him everyday to pick the girls up from school. He's finally very calm in my lap.  Before he was a little nervous or something. He would make his little noises. But now he's quiet, relaxed and content.  He's such a doll. We love him to pieces.



Mesa, AZ

Our piglet has been such a wonderful pet! I highly recommend AZ Micro Mini Pigs. They are a wonderful breeder. Many breeders have dozens of mothers and fathers and raise their pigs outside in a barn. Suzette purposely keeps her operation small so she can personally spend lots of quality time with the piglets. All of her piglets are raised inside her home and are extremely socialized. I have yet to find another breeder doing this. Our piglet was very sweet and friendly the minute he arrived. He immediately jumped on our lap and was ready to snuggle and of course, nothing has changed since then. He also loves to be picked up and held which is not typical for any pig. He is a very sweet, well mannered, gorgeous boy. He arrived at 2 pounds. He is super tiny! Her adult pigs are very small and that's why her piglets are small. There is no manipulation of food and her adult pigs are not bred until they are full grown. She typically has a waiting list but it is worth the wait! You will not find another breeder like her. She is extremely knowledgable and will answer any questions you might have about your piglet before and after receiving him or her. 



Heflin, AL

We really enjoyed coming to your beautiful farm and seeing the parents and we know our pig will be just as small and amazing!



Peoria, AZ

Pepper the cuddle bug. She got very comfy on the couch the other night. Crawled right up the back of my shirt and stuck her head out the top. Another meaning for piggy back. Ha ha, thought you might like this picture. Added another of her lazing in the sun.  Her favorite places to be are snuggled up with us on the couch or sunning herself by the backyard door. She goes to our kids soccer games and is adored by everyone that meets her.

We love sharing pics of her can't believe she is a year old already.



Mesa, AZ

Everyone says it's not possible to have a small pig but yet I've been watching your Facebook page for over 3 years and I'm seeing small pigs. All your customers send you pics all through out the stages of their lives. I've been following all the piglets watching them grow into adults. It's been so much fun to watch. They really do become part of everyones family. All the pigs I've seen that are adults are a small/medium dog size just like you advertise. I want to thank you for allowing me to view your adults. I know you get requests everyday so thank you for squeezing us in. I absolutely love your barn. That really sets you high above the rest. Thank you again for everything you do.



Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit today. We were so thrilled to see how small your breeding pigs are and the wonderful setup you have for them. We are so happy we found a breeder that shows so much love and care for her pigs and piglets. All of our questions were answered, and we know we made the right choice in picking you to bring this beautiful pet into our lives. We cannot wait for when our time comes to choose! Thank you again. We will absolutely recommend you to others who also want to add a pig to their family!


Sue & Jason

Mesa, AZ

I couldn't have been happier with my decision to wait on your waiting list. I was so impressed with your farm. I've been to a lot of farms over the years and I dont think Ive ever seen anyone that harn barn houses with ceramic tile and a big tv for their animals. I love all the beds and toys. Each area you had was very clean and we were looking for a spider web and didn't even see that. I have no idea how you keep an outdoor area so clean. You must work really hard everyday to kee a clean environment. I appreciate the extra care you give. Thank you AZ Micro Mini Pigs for not only having the best bloodline of pigs but for taking such great care of the adults and piglets.



Mesa, AZ

We took Jefferson to the vet today for a beauty appt. The vet said he is the most beautiful, pure breed, healthy, and well mannered pig that she has ever worked with. She couldn't get over how perfect he was and she was very impressed with all of his tricks. He was crowned the new favorite pig of the office.



Broomfield, CO

AZ Micro Mini Pigs has given me an experience worth more than 5 stars. This amazing breeder provided me with all the information I needed since the start. I trusted her completely and her love for her own mini pigs showed how important this business is to her. That's how I knew the mini pig I purchased from AZ Micro Mini Pigs would be everything I was promised from the breeder. I love my pig and I couldn't be happier with the breeder that she came from. :) ♥



San Diego, CA

What a great farm! You take such wonderful care of those piglets and the adult pigs are the small size you advertised! I'm so excited to be on your list. I've wanted a pig ever since I was a little girl. I've researched breeders for several years now but I havent been able to see enough evidence that their pigs stay small until I met you and saw your pigs. I completly trust that I will not be scammed. Anyone can look thru any of your pics to see you cant make all this up. Your customers all talk on your page. That's been very interstesting reading. It really does seem like you keep in touch with everyone. I hope to make it to your next pig reunion since I was out of town for the last one. It would be great to talk to some of your customers. Can't wait for the call I'm up next on the list. It will be worrth the wait!



Florence, AZ

I just wanted to thank you for the farm visit. It was great to see the difference from the other farm we visited. There is no comparison. Their pigs had to be at least 4x larger. That size "Miniature Pig" is not what my family wants. We will hold out for the long wait time with your pigs it will be worth it



Mesa, AZ

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