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  • Micro Mini’s have a rather long life span they can live up to 18 years.  

  • Pigs are fourth down on the intelligence scale - human, primates, dolphins/whales, pigs.  

  • Micro Mini’s do not have fur (they have hair) 

  • Micro Mini’s are about 95% hypoallergenic

  • One of the cleanest animals on earth 

  • Litter box trained - Use pine shavings or pellets from your feed store (cat litter can be toxic). 

  • Easily trained to do tricks 

  • Wonderful loving companion & strong human bonding

  • Harness Trained 

  • Pigs will make several different types of sounds to communicate:

Grunting:Usually the noise a mother pig makes when feeding her young.                        

Barking: A warning of danger nearby.                                                                          

Squealing: A sign of anticipation (usually when about to be fed) or pain.                            

A quiet panting: Usually the pigs way of saying “hello” or being friendly.                          

A rough coughing noise: Usually means your pig is annoyed about something.

Red Flags 

1.) Breeding pigs - Must have a long tail tassel. If not that would suggest that might be a very young pig and might not be a Miniature.

2.) All Breeders should have a website, pics of the breeding pigs, adult sold pigs pics from customers, as well as testimonials. There are new breeders everyday with zero sold pig history. Don't fall for a cute piglet pic with some decorative props in the back round. All piglets are cute but what will that piglet look like as an adult? If a Breeder cannot show you pictures of adult sold pigs produced by the parents between ages 2-3 I would look elsewhere. Looking at a breeding pig is great but how do you really know that's the actual breeder, what the offspring look like, or if they are telling the truth about the age. Seeing sold adult pigs is the only way to go. Don't believe what you are told or even read for that matter. Only judge from what you see with your own eyes. 


3.) Please beware of breeders breeding all sorts of different species of animals. They are only after money. The piglets will not have the attention and clean environment they require. Piglets raised liked this will be extremely vocal, not litter box trained, and not as friendly.


4.) Weight guarantee -This is just a sale tactic to get a sale. No one can guarantee a weight of any animal. If you read the actual guarantee no one will qualify for the refund. 


5.) If a Breeder is bottle feeding their piglets there is a problem. I'm totally against bottle feeding unless something has happening to the mama. The piglets need antibodies from the milk or they will not be healthy period. Never buy an un weaned piglet. An un weaned piglet has a 50/50 chance of survival. There is no set age a piglet has to stay with the mama but they must be weaned off milk and cereal.


6.) If a young piglet already has a hanging belly that's a good indication it's a regular Pot Belly. If the bloodline is unknown how do you know it's actually a Mini since all piglets look about the same size?


7.) If a Breeder has no waiting list and classified ads everywhere I think that speaks for itself. 


8.) Juliana pigs have been endangered many times. A 100% Juliana is very rare. Both parents must be spotted and have documented lineage. The entire litter must be spotted if not that disqualifies them of the breed. Unfortunately anyone can register a pig even if it doesn't qualify so please be careful. Spotting should be profuse and random, not in a piebald pattern. There are no solid colored Juliana pigs and they must not be over a certain weight. I'm seeing HUGE registered Juliana Pigs. A piece of paper means nothing. 

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