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All my piglets come with:

Airline approved kennel



Vet checked within 10 days of flight

Health Certificate

Import number

Microchipped for out of state travel



Care Instructions Manual

*Shipping* to the Continental USA only (if flight travel time does not exceed a 8 hour flight) Piglet will only be shipped once it is eating on it’s own. I will schedule all flights and notify you of the day and time of arrival to pick your baby up at the airport. Once the piglet is checked in at the airport it becomes the new owners responsibility. Flight fee is $300. Car Transport is $400.

A $500 deposit will place you on the waiting list and hold your spot in line for the litter of your choice. If what you are looking for is not produced or there are not enough piglets your deposit will be transferred to the next available piglet of your choice. All sales are final. Please do not make a deposit if you are not committed to owning a pet pig. Once you make a deposit the price will not change on you. If at anytime once you get on the waiting list you decide you do not want a piglet you can transfer your spot to a friend or family. All deposits/payments made towards a piglet are reported to taxes as a sale so no cash refunds. All piglets from the same litter will be the same price. Once piglets are offered you must pick or pass within 72 hours. I have a long waiting list and it's not fair to keep the others on the list waiting. If you don't respond I will have to move down the list. I will start at pick #1 and move down. If you pass you will stay exactly where you are on the list and someone under will bump up. I can get a lot of passes in a litter it really depends on timing. In that case people will be bumped up quite a bit. If for some reason someone cancels they are removed from that spot and it's now my spot unless they transfer it to a friend or family. It doesn't mean everyone moves up. All piglets will be sold as pets with a spay/neuter contract stating that you are not purchasing a piglet for breeding purposes. I have the right to refuse any sale.



AZ Micro Mini Pigs guarantees against any congenital defect that cannot be treated. The buyer agrees to take his/her piglet to a licensed Veterinarian within (7) days of receiving the animal to insure that the piglet is healthy. If the Veterinarian gives your piglet a diagnosis of a serious birth defect that cannot be treated, seller must immediately be notified and documentation must be sent. We are not responsible for any associated charges from examination or treatment. This warranty covers your piglet only. No cash exchange, piglet exchange only. Shipping charge is not covered. 


I accept all major credit cards through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) or

Money Orders. I also take cash or a check if you are local.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

              $500 Non-Refundable 

          Deposit toward your piglet                                               

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

         $3000 Final Payment 

               after deposit

   *Total piglet price is $3500*

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