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         Guinness World Record

           World's Smallest Pig 


Congratulations Penny The Pig. Penny is officially World's Smallest Domestic Pig. I am so honored she is from my farm AZ Micro Mini Pigs. Penny turned 5 years old in December, 2018. This record is very important to me because it validates that Miniature Pigs do exist and they can be small and healthy. Guinness World Records has VERY strict rules. They will absolutely not award any animal a record if they are "under fed" to achieve that record. Penny had to be deemed a perfect body structure by several Vets. Penny went on record with her size at age 2. Since age 2 she has had no growth changes in height or weight. My theory of bone closure at 24 months was proven to be correct. That being said we still had to wait until closer to age 5 to be considered a full grown adult pig. Penny was seen by multiple Vets throughout the last 3 years. Videos and pics of all angles with an audience was taken and documented. Every Vet that saw Penny said she had a perfect body structure. It is physically impossible for her to be "starved" and have a perfect body structure. 


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