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Here are some pics of sold pigs from each of my breeders so you can see all my adults are capable of producing small pigs. That's possible due to their small genetics and proper feeding. Everyone always asks me what feed amount do you feed your pigs. Feed is based on activity level and body structure. There isn't a set amount to feed every pig. The pigs on my page range in age from a piglet to over 12 years old. Some I have been documenting their growth since they were born.

Violet born in 2013


6.3 pounds

    Same age


  1 Year

from my     farm

  2 Years not

   from my         farm

    Mini Pig from Oregon

          42 pounds

    Isabella Boo Boo from my farm       


8.6 pounds


  Over 2

Years old


1 Year

  1 Year

9 pounds


2 years old


8 Months

2.6 pounds


11.2  pounds


22 Months

7.13 pounds

When you first get your piglet I will advise you as to the amount of food needed based on your baby's size. You can break it up in small servings throughout the day which I do or you can set your own feeding schedule. Never withhold food or water from your pig but don't over feed. Mini pigs should be healthy, not skinny and not fat. Never feed your pig table scraps, caffeine, salt, chocolate, avocado, or dog food. Their bodies are too small and not designed for these foods. There are lots of toxic plants as well so please check the poisonous plant list I will provide you before you let your pig outside to play. 

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