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I have had the most positive experience possible and I have been blessed with my perfect little piglet Penny that I will forever be thankful for. Penny is over 3 years old now and 12 pounds. Suzette is and was amazing from day one and throughout the entire step of the way. She has taught me so much and has been so patient with all of my questions, she has maintained constant contact with me updating me through the entire process. I couldn't be happier or more thankful for finding Suzette she has truly been a blessing to me in so many ways. As far as a breeder goes you can not find better, thank you so much for giving me my beautiful girl ❤️



West Nyack, NY

I was so blessed to find Suzette and her farm when I was researching micro pigs. I talked to several other breeders and knew right away that they were scammers. I almost gave up, then came across Suzette. She spent time talking to me and answering my questions. I got on her waiting list and prepared for my new addition. I'm glad I had the time, I learned a lot from her posts and other people asking questions. Watching her piglets made a horrible personal year for me a little sweeter. The day my mother passed away, Ms. Ava Gaboar was born. My little girl has been a huge help with mending my heart and making me smile. She is now one year old (Oct 9th ) and is a petite 6lbs. I never imagined that she would stay so small! She goes everywhere with me and has made me a happy pig owner! What an amazing pet and I am so thankful I chose Suzette and made the best decision! Suzette is always there to answer my questions and to give me feedback. Not only do I have a piggy but a new group of pig friends! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Suzette, she is very well loved!



Phoenix, AZ

We cannot thank Suzette enough for being such an amazing breeder! She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and is willing to do whatever possible to ensure that the piglets are well taken care of. We are so happy we found Bentley. Bentley is 17 months old and isn't much bigger than Shaka our puppy who is only 11 weeks. Thanks Suzette!! People keep saying there is no such thing as a mini pig, but I have living proof!! whoever is considering a pig as a pet should go thru AZ Micro Mini Pigs. It is definitely well worth the wait! 



Chandler, AZ


All of these little piggies are so amazing and Suzette is the most kind and helpful person that any customer could wish for!! If youre looking to add a member to your family you will find no better than AZ Micro Mini Pigs! 



Black Rock, AR

Suzette does a wonderful job of taking care of those piggies! I personally flew in from Dallas TX to pick up my pig and her farm was extremely well taken care of and so were the piggies! I saw no under feeding of any of them. I've been scammed in the buying of a "mini pig" from breeders here in TX and none of them showed me the adult breeders and I didn't know any better at the time to ask. I've been following AZ mini pigs for over 2 yrs now and feel confident that I purchased a true mini pig from her because I saw her breeders and the piggies they have produced. She also educated me in taking care of my pig and no one has ever done that. Any questions I have she's available to answer them. The "other" breeders once they sold there pig they no longer have contact with you to answer any questions. They just ignore you! I love them and will keep them till there time is up but they are not what not the size I was told they would be once grown. They are between 50-100lbs and 2 years old.



Dallas, TX

I took Honey to my daughters school today, they were doing a petting zoo for the kindergarden through third grade. Honey stayed quiet and calm. She let me hold her and let all the kids and teachers pet her! She did great she used her box and everything. I was so proud of her. She is still smaller in size than my daughters 7 pound Chihuahua even at 9 months of age. You do a great good with your pigs I'm very impressed with her and her size!



Colorado Springs, CO

AZ Micro Mini Pig farm is very clean and animals are well cared for. Great to work and do business with, she made the process of becoming a first time pig owner very smooth. She's very knowledgeable and always makes herself available for questions which is rare compared to other breeders who don't care to stay in touch once they get paid, she is a breeder who definitely doesn't do it for the money.  The piglets were very well socialized and true mini pig size. Im extremely happy with my new baby and I would refer her to anyone that asks.



Tucson, AZ

Just wanted to thank you again for bringing Benny to us.  He is such a sweetheart all he wants to do all day is sleep in between my legs and give Lexi kisses!! I am so happy I found you as a breeder. I researched getting a pig and looking up breeders for a couple months. I emailed a few, including you. You were the only breeder I spoke with that went above and beyond answering any questions I had. You have been amazing helping me step by step and I couldn't be more pleased with my choice!! I will send you updates on Benny and if you have an address Lexi can send letters and pics to the girls we would love it!! Thank you again so much for everything. You have been so amazing!!



Huntington Beach, CA

I just want you to know that you are the most awesome pig breeder that I have come across. I looked at alot of pig breeders before I chose you and even knowing that I had a wait to get him I could not be happier that I chose you for my piglet. He is the most awesome, well behaved piglet ever. He is adjusting very well to his new surroundings. I would definitely recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a piglet. There is no one out there like you. You are so caring, capable, responsible and knowledgeable about all your adult pigs and piglets. When you get a piglet from her you will know without a doubt that the piglet will be healthy, happy, and socially adjusted so when the piglet reaches your house it is so much easier to get the piglet to adjust to the new surroundings.



Gilbert, AZ

After viewing your website we knew you were the only breeder we trusted. We loved the fact that you only had a few breeding pigs and treated them as pets. Most breeders have 20 or so females and piglets everywhere out in a barn with lots of other animals. There’s no way to give the proper care and socialize the piglets that way. We appreciate how informative you were and all the pictures you have. Most breeders are shady and wont even show pics or lie about the true size. We are so happy and excited to finally have our new addition to the family. She was worth the wait! You have done an amazing job socializing her. We couldn’t ask for a better breeder. Thanks again for keeping us posted on her growth during the entire process. It was fun to get all the pics and video’s and we knew she was being very well cared for. We love her to death and will keep you posted on how she is doing!



Chandler, AZ

Very impressed with the farm visit today. Your pig rooms are amazing. Really shows the love you have for the pigs. I was at another farm two weeks ago and I was really turned off by all the wet hay and all the pigs so filthy so your porcelain tile, chandeliers, and flat screen tv's were a pleasant surprise. The wait will be tough for a pig but it will be worth it for our family to know we are actually getting a small healthy pig



Florence, AZ

Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder so we had the opportunity to add this beautiful little blessing to our home.  I couldn't ask for a better breeder to have chosen. You have surpassed my expectations on everything and anyone should be so lucky to buy from you!



West, TX

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