Pigs Eat 10x Slower - Veterinarian Recommended - Dishwasher Safe - BPA & PVC Free - Phthalate Free

Pigs eat extremely fast. Some eat so fast they actually choke or spit up food. To avoid Aspiration Pneumonia I like to use this bowl for my fast eating pigs. It improves digestion and they eat 10x slower. This bowl holds 2 cups of wet or dry food. It's 8" in diameter and the circumference is 26". A pig cannot get their face all the way down to the bottom of the bowl so that's the purpose of it they will have to turn their face a bit and slow their eating down. For my feeding routine I will still have a flat pan for my pigs where I will feed a very small portion of wet food on and then I will feed a portion on their slow feeding bowl. It's a good balance and since the feeding takes longer my pigs are less vocal. I also like to use this bowl in between meals as well by tossing a few dry pellets on it to keep them busy. I find pigs to be less vocal if they are occupied using this bowl. Please check out my other pig items. You might find a few items you like that I can ship together. Free shipping/Prime with all my items.

Pig Slow Feeding Bowl - Small - 8" Diameter - Hold 2 Cups of Food

Colors:: Pink