Fun game combined with a slow feeder tray so it keeps my pigs occupied. The slow feeder tray can detach from the stand itself if you choose not to use the game. The beakers have two different tops that it comes with. One with one large hole and one with three smaller holes which I prefer. This activity game stand is balanced not to just knock over right away but a larger pig I'm sure could knock it down if they wanted too. Dimensions: 12" tall & 9" wide. Item will be inspected for all parts before sent and it will arrive in the original box so it's not damaged. I prefer not to do returns on this item since going back and forth shipping could damage it. If you do not like the game please just use the tray. This tray works great for feeding meals as well as in between meals when your pig is being vocal. Just toss some pellets on it to keep them busy. I usually place this in a corner or against the wall. Please check out my other pig items. You might find another item I can ship together for free. 

Pig Activity Game & Slow Feeder