Starter Pig Pack comes with two different activity mats, a harness of your choice of color, a treat puzzle, and a treat ball. Activity mats are a must buy for every pig owner. The key to a well behaved pig is to keep them busy with games and activities. These are my two favorite mats. I have both in every pig area I have. Purple Mat Dimensions: 35" x 35". Light Blue Mat Dimensions: 29" x 18". The treat puzzle is one of my favorites because it's not made out of wood. I can wash this puzzle and it's durable and safe. I prefer puzzles with flaps versus small knobs to slide because they can break off. The treat ball has a circumference of 9" and the diameter is 3". All my items I sell are items I personally use for my own pigs. Please always watch indoor pigs with any fabric, cloth, cotton, blankets with a lining, strings, carpet, fuzz, small parts, etc.. It's virtually impossible to shield them from everything but proper care should avoid any issues. Please check out my other pig items. Type AZ Micro Mini Pigs in the Amazon search bar. You might find a few items you like that I can ship together. Free shipping/Prime with all my items.

New Pig Starter Pack - 2 Activity Mats, Harness, Treat Puzzle, & Treat Ball