All Natural Lavender Shampoo contains Botanical Extracts and Aloe Vera that promotes healthy skin and hair. It's PH balanced so it removes dirt without striping the natural oils. It's very important to keep the skin clean but in a safe way free of chemicals. This shampoo is detergent, soap, and paraben free. It contains NO alcohol. Safe to use on any animal. This shampoo has a refreshing lavender scent. Made in USA. Directions: For best results, use 2-3 times per month or as needed. Use warm water and wet the skin thoroughly. Apply enough lavender shampoo to make a rich lather. Cover all parts of the body but be extra careful around the face, eyes, and ears. Ingredients: Water, Lavender, Lilac & Orchid Botanical Extracts, Infused With Coconut, Vitamins A, D, E, Aloe Vera, & a Proprietary Blend of Oils & Fragrance. 

Size: 16 Ounce Pump Bottle

Made in USA

Lavender Shampoo - Detergent, Soap, & Paraben Free - Made in USA -