Adjustable Mini Pig harness or other small pets (ferret, rabbit, dog, cat) **Harness Instructions** I pre loop the harness for a faster process but adjust it first to the size you think you need before placing it on. If you have a young pig I recommend placing this on as you are holding your pig. Walk around holding your pig first before you place them down so they forget about the harness. Place the large loop around the head and body just under the front legs. Place the small loop around the head. Use the pulley to make the final adjustments to the size once it’s on. Piglets and young animals will take some time to harness train with any harness. This is the best harness I have used. My pigs won't wear a thick harness with a buckle and I won't use a rope harness that rubs the hair off my pig. This one seems to be perfect. If your harness comes out of the ring it’s very easy to put it back in just take the end by the ring and pinch it together to make a loop and poke it thru the ring. Adjust the loop size after. The harness is built this way so the size is adjustable. If you need an instructional video I have two. One with the harness out of the loop and another pre looped. Please contact me directly with your email address if you would like to see videos. Hoof Polish:Polish Pen is water based, odorless, non-toxic, dries in under 40 seconds. Our hoof polish pens apply a quick drying, non-toxic, coat of polish that is easy to remove. Only one layer application is necessary.

Harness & Polish Combo Pack *Pink, Red, Blue*