All Natural Oatmeal Cherry Scented Pig Rust Remover Whitening Shampoo - Detergent Free - Relieves Itchy Dry Flaky Skin, Revitalizes Hair, and helps with Sarcoptic Mange - Scabies - Mite Control in an easy hands free pump bottle. This shampoo also helps with hyperkeratinization/scurf or in the pig community people refer the condition as "pig rust". This is an accumulation of dirt and oil on the skin that is reddish in tint. If it wipes away after you use this product that is most likely not mites. Unfortunately pigs can get Sarcoptic Mange/Scabies from mites though so it's very important to keep the skin clean but in a safe way free of chemicals. I find this shampoo to work very well. This shampoo has a very light but refreshing cherry scent. I love the way my pigs smell after their bath. This is a nice sized bottle too it will last a long time. Directions: For best results, use 2-3 times per month or more often if your pig has mites or a lot of pig rust. Use warm water and wet your pig thoroughly. Apply enough oatmeal shampoo to make a rich lather. Cover all parts of the body but be extra careful around the face, eyes, and ears. Never pour water directly over your pigs head or in their ear canal or they can get a head tilt. Pigs have very tiny ear canals and you don't want trapped water or shampoo in the ears. Always properly dry your pig so you don't cause a sudden change in their body core temperature. Ingredients: Water, coconut, oat proteins, cherry and botanical extracts, almond oil, vitamins A, D, E, EGDS, glycerin, and a specialty blend of skin and hair moisturizers and conditioners. 

All Natural Oatmeal Cherry Scented Pig Rust Remover Whitening Shampoo